Our Project Portfolio

FB Ads for an Irish client - TheRaveN.ie 

Ads for Raven
Trissam website
Ads for Raven 2

Social Media Management & Lead Gen Services for Scenic Sotheby's in Destin, FL.

Scenic Sothebys International Realty Campaign

Scenic Sotheby's International Realty

Syed managed their Social Media presence from the ground up. Then director of marketing Will Maberry is the reference we can put forth here.

SEO for a Leading Local News Paper's Digital Edition

Sentinel Digital HQ

The Sentinel - Digital HQ

Syed worked on their initial SEO with all the aspects associated. The last thing served was the submission to Google news.

eCommerce Services for a Pharmaceutical Company

GRD Pharmaceuticals Campaign

GRD Pharmaceuticals

GRD Pharmaceutical's ecommerce set up and maintenance service is upon us. We serve them with the the ecommerces services ranging from listing to funnels, visibility to sales-growth and compliances and SPF claims.