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Digital Transformation, simply stated, is the process of creating the DIGITAL face for your business, branding, marketing, sales, and everything around. 

It mainly starts with the transition to a dynamic website with all the advanced automation in place.

Further, it covers the funnels required for digital marketing efforts. 

Digital Security is a complex term which indicates the secured communication over computers, systems and various networks to make any kind of transaction, authorization totally safe & secure.

Digital Security, though not only confined to the online part, is mostly concerned with the internet-connected world. Further, it applies to secure transactions over any website or network and covers any digital authority check required towards the same.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term used to cover different niches within. 

The biggest branches of Digital Marketing are:

1. Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing,

2. Content Marketing,

3. PPC aka Advertising,

4. eMail Marketing,

5. Chatbots,

6. Marketing and Sales Funnels,

7. Digital Designs (graphics),

8. Social Media Marketing.

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