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7 Ways To Leverage Google-3 Pack ranking for Your Restaurant.

Pretty obvious is the role of Google Reviews in any business these days! If good reviews (on Google listing) can make a business soar, poor ones can make it plummet too.

The game of Google Reviews has progressed so far that it has become a war among competitors to have as many positive reviews as possible. Few have gone up to the extent of leaving negative reviews on their competitors' listings as well.

We receive a good amount of requests for the Positive Google Review service every week, and here's an example from a business in Dubai, UAE who wanted to counter the negative reviews on Google mostly made by their competitors:

Google Positive Review Service Request
Google Positive Review Service Request from A Prospect

Restaurants and eateries are further obliged to take care of the reviews as our surfing habits and our dependence on Google maps and other reviewing platforms like Yelp have grown by many folds by 2022.

The digital age has entered into the era of social proofing, selling, and buying, which in turn has favored human references more than ever.

Social proofing is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation. (Wikipedia)

This new age of social proof requires the utilization of the Review Services with utmost care to achieve the Google-3 Pack ranking. And here are the 7 best ways to leverage Google listing for your restaurant or eatery or cafe:

1. Appearance is the Primary Key:

Your profile should be verified and properly optimized for mobile viewing on the map. Do not use low-resolution logos, or business names in Unicode fonts, and/or do not use emojis in the name. Leverage the bio section properly and do not use direct links in this space. Try to have some decently clicked pictures and the menu in images for the listing.

2. Regular Updates:

Though it might sound odd to update regularly on your Google listing, it is surely a great way to stay on top of the algorithm play that works your listing out on searches.

Google Reviews Updates

3. Create Offers:

Integrate the offers you might already have or have planned, into your Google Map listing, and keep them fresh! Like any other fresh content, offers are also picked by the Google AI to show on searches.

4. Answer Customer Questions:

Answering customer questions on your restaurant listing is a great way to show that 'You Care'.

As per research, listings with more than 20 answered questions generate 2.5 times more business than those that don't.

5. Respond to the Reviews:

As a restaurant business, you might be too busy even after you close. But please make it a habit to respond to the reviews you receive.

Positive or negative, be there to respond to each and every review.

It doesn't just help in building a rapport but serves as the click-point for being responsive to the prospective customers.

6. Use a QR Code on the Bill You Provide:

Be smart, be innovative, and use a QR code for Google review in all the possible places. Many businesses use payment QR codes, but what stops them from using another QR for reviews is just pure negligence.

- Find out and copy the link to your Google listing,

- Go to any QR code generator site and generate a QR code for that link,

- Customize and download the QR code,

- Put it in places like the bill, and doorway posters (must be accompanied by a text asking for a review).

7. Integrate Social Media:

Post the positive reviews to the restaurant's social media pages. It works more like social proofing.

For the best Google-3 Pack ranking consider putting the primary keyword into your listing name. e.g. - Restaurant or Cafe or Bakery either in suffix or prefix.
To make you understand this point, just do a Google search for 'bakery near me', and more than 90% of the results shown will appear with the term 'bakery' either in the prefix or the suffix of the business name.

While many restaurants ignore reviews and the Google listing, they pay the price in terms of losing new customers and customer loyalty as well. Use Google or any other review service properly and your restaurant business will flourish through it, for sure!

In case you need some positive reviews, you may ask us too!

Write to us at and we will send you more tips on generating positive Google or Yelp reviews for your restaurant or eatery. Good Luck!

(Updated: 17th April 2022)

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