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How To Raise Your Facebook Ad Dynamic Daily Spend Limit (DDSL)?

When it comes to scaling your Facebook Ads, especially for a new ad account, raising the DDSL (Dynamic Daily Spend Limit) is crucial. The DDSL is the latest bracket of daily Ad Spend Limit on Facebook that limits the ad budget across all the Ad campaigns and/or even across all the ad accounts.

As Facebook explains, "Daily spending limits restrict the total amount you can spend across all campaigns or across all accounts".

For businesses and advertisers, this limit can be a hindrance to expanding their ad reach and scaling their campaigns. However, raising the daily ad budget under this Facebook-imposed DDSL is not that difficult if you follow a few simple tips.

1. Try to Meet the Budget Threshold Every Day for At least 14 Days in a Row:

This is a tip I can guarantee from the experience I have had so far. My latest real estate client Baron & Cabot had this cap at ₤46.40/day, and when contacted the Meta Pro team suggested following this in all 3-4 calls I have had with them.

2. Show a Track Record of Successful Campaigns:

Facebook values advertisers who have a history of successful campaigns. By consistently creating high-performing ads and maintaining a positive return on ad spend, you can demonstrate to Facebook that your account is a valuable asset and worthy of a higher DDSL.

3. Keep Your Account in Good Standing:

Facebook has strict standards for ad content and account behavior. By adhering to these standards and avoiding any violations, you can avoid having your DDSL limited further. Keep your account info updated, use proper Ad copies, and try not to get Ads rejected too often.

4. Utilize Business Manager:

Facebook's Business Manager is a powerful tool that can help you manage multiple ad accounts and campaigns. By consolidating your ad efforts under one roof, you can demonstrate to Facebook that you are a professional advertiser who can handle a larger budget.

5. Apply for a Higher Spending Limit:

Facebook allows advertisers to apply for higher spending limits. By providing information about your business and advertising goals, you can demonstrate to Facebook that you are a serious advertiser who is ready to scale their campaigns.

6. Monitor your account performance:

Keep an eye on your account's performance and adjust your campaigns accordingly. By consistently monitoring and optimizing your campaigns, you can demonstrate to Facebook that you are capable of managing a larger budget and that your ad spending will be well-managed.

By following these tips, you can raise your DDSL and scale your Facebook Ad campaigns. However, it's important to note that daily spending limits can be adjusted based on Facebook's dynamic risk evaluation, and further limited for accounts that continue to receive negative customer feedback or fail to adhere to advertising standards. So, it's always important to maintain a good account standing and follow Facebook's advertising guidelines.

In conclusion, raising your DDSL is crucial for scaling your Facebook Ad campaigns. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can demonstrate to Facebook that you are a valuable advertiser who can handle a larger budget and create successful campaigns. With a higher DDSL, you'll be able to reach more potential customers and achieve your advertising goals.

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