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How To Create an eCommerce Proposal in 2022? (With Sample)

Writing an eCommerce service proposal is not seasonal stuff, but rather requires thoughtful customization to suit the client's needs and niche.

5 steps to write an ecommerce proposal

In this article, we are trying to put forth 5 points to help you create an eCommerce service proposal irrespective of your level of experience. Just follow'em by heart!!

Understand the Client's Needs:

This is the most important part of any service proposal, and yet the most neglected one. Do not take the route of a fixed service approach when you have the capacity (manpower and willpower) to perform more than one service required to suffice the client's exact needs. Meaning - try to assess the client's requirements first, then only adjust and fit your services into it.

Study the Niche:

ecommerce trolley on a laptop

Try to do a market analysis/research around the client's niche once you understand his needs, then gradually move to understand the client's TAM (total available market), SAM (service available market, and the SOM (serviceable obtainable market). [Do a Google search on these 3 terms to understand them better]

Once you understand your client's needs, now you must understand the trends & fads in the concerned market to come up with the best plan.

Set Up the Objectives & KPIs:

Once you understand what your client needs and how the market actually behaves, you will be able to set up the key objectives in a thorough manner. Depending upon the objectives, now you can establish the KPIs so associated. Be accountable for the KPIs you set, and be prepared to explain them in detail to the client.

Do not ever use the objectives directly and elaborately in the executive summary area of the report.

Action Plan and Project Timeline:

steps in an ecommerce action plan

It is really important that you put an action plan up for the client to understand the tediousness of the efforts you are proposing to put forth. A breakdown of the action steps can further help in making the report easier for the client to understand. The action plan must be accompanied by a timeline to give the client an estimation of what to expect and when. Be transparent about the media buying, paid social, ad copies, etc. in the proposal.

Design & Layout:

Another neglected part in an eCommerce or any other digital marketing proposal is the design and the layout of the proposal.

Remember, the first impression is the best impression, and it definitely applies to an eCommerce proposal in 2022. Use Canva, as even with the free version you can do wonders! Download free images from or and upload them to your Canva dashboard to use in any report or other work.

Don't forget to make the proposal mobile-friendly, as more than 90% of the global internet users are on their mobiles on a daily basis.

These 5 are the points we as a Digital Marketing Agency would like to put forth for any eCommerce Client Proposal, yet there are many other things to consider that we haven't included in this small write-up. You may also take the help of Wiki-How pages while creating the proposal.

For your quick reference, we have attached an actual proposal to this write-up that we sent to one of our clients back in January 2022.

We welcome your feedback and comments on this post. Thank You!

-SEAHATH - eCommerce Boost in NE-India
Download PDF • 9.69MB

sample action plan - ecommerce proposal

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