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7 “Secret” Strategies To Create A Powerful Facebook Ad Copy

In the last few years, as there has been a decline in the natural reach on Facebook, crafty marketers have been advertising on the platform to get solid results.

Today, there's a ton that needs to meet up to make a Facebook Ad rewarding- one needs the proper target, incredible content, and most importantly a convincing copy. Good ad copywriting can convince and steer your audience to your site. Good copywriting serves as an aide. It helps show individuals where they need to go.

An exemplary advertising copy can convince, excite and engage. David Ogilvy, one of the greatest minds in advertising understood the importance of a good ad copy. He knew what a good headline could mean for his audience. This was valid in the eon of "paper" and is still obvious in this era of social media.

Before you hop on to mastermind your next ad copy, make sure you are aware of these 7 "secret" techniques that are used by advertisers and social media marketers at the top of their game today

1. LEVERAGE FACEBOOK PIXEL: Advertising when it began was repetitive. Everyone saw the same advertisement paying little heed to one's unique needs. There was barely any contrast between a newspaper ad for a cleanser or a billboard for a new gadget. However, we've come a long way since then and now we've got Facebook Pixel to enhance user experience. With this tool, marketers and advertisers can bore down crude bits of data to uncover a specific target group's certain needs. Whatever the data reveals, they can serve as dynamic and pertinent copies and significant CTAs. By aiming your ad copy you'll spot a rise in click-through rates since the audience will be presented with precisely what they need.

2. ALIGN AD COPY AND THE AD IMAGE: One cannot imagine a brand, let's say, Dominos without its iconic blue and red logo! The ditto pertains to one's ad copy and the visuals they choose to use. You need to ensure that your ad copy relates to the image you have provided in some way. If your audience doesn't understand what you are trying to sell or what your product/service is, at the first glance, they won't wait around or be interested to find out.

3. A/B OR SPLIT TESTING: Testing different versions of your Facebook ad copy is an efficient strategy to know if your ad copy has been well received across your target audience. You will be able to tell which version has been most successful with your audience by going through your click-throughs. Testing CTAs is yet another way to establish which version of your ad copy influences your audience the most and induces them to take quick action.

Once you have been able to establish which version of the copy and CTAs bring in the most interest, you can work with that combination to increase your audience's engagement.

4. STICK TO PRODUCT VALUES, NOT THE BRAND AS A WHOLE: To grab your audience's attention, your ad copy must clarify the value that your product/service has to offer. Instead of communicating with them how great your brand is, your copy should better focus on the positive impacts your product/service will have on their lives.

5. CREATE VALUE, SHIFT STRESS FROM FEATURES: Your customers are more inclined to check out your product/service when your ad copy makes it clear about the benefits that they will receive. Before your consumers get drawn into your advertised product/service, they need to know how it intends to settle their particular necessities. For instance, if they are looking for a gadget, they'd want to know if it'll help them get their work done as they require. Advertisers should present their value proposition alongside some kind of reward. If your ad campaign centers around funnel leads offer a discount coupon in return for their email address.

6. AD COPY MUST SYNC W/ THE FUNNEL FOCUS: With Facebook stressing the use of as little copy as possible to allure users, your ad copy needs to target a particular type of audience. Advertisers must decide if they are mostly focusing on the top of the funnel or bottom of the funnel prospects. The outcome of a focused targeting is an on-visuals ad copy that doesn't waste any time cutting to the chase and talks directly to a specific audience. Retargeting requires more stress on a customized Ad copy than any other type of Ads.

7. BEFRIEND 'FOMO': To begin with, advertisers need to create urgency and a sense of scarcity through their ad copy amongst their audience. Playing on your audience's FOMO will make them get up on their feet and take immediate action as they feel like they are missing out on something. By teasing your audience with a limited-time offer that gives them a lot of value at a discounted cost, the people who are already curious about the product/service that you have been advertising will jump to your website from the ad copy to grab that offer. Find the right combination of urgency and scarcity to get your ad to make the users take immediate action.

A copy is possibly one of the main attributes of a successful ad campaign. Obviously, the visuals that you use play a colossal part in that achievement, but your copy helps you to communicate with your audience. It's your opportunity to momentarily clarify who you are, what it is that you do and how you intend to help your audience with your product/service. Get acquainted with your audience better to understand what they look for in an ad copy, that way you can get more innovative with your ad copies.

These 7 strategies are intended to provide you a few options on how to move toward your Facebook ad copy. Do not hesitate to utilize more than one strategy in your ad copy if it means that you get the result you desired; mainly high conversion rates, a rise in lead generation, and a jump in sales.

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