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The Most Effective Way to Grow Your Facebook Page Followers

There is a very basic but still a critical question every digital marketing strategy comes across - 'What are the ways to grow Facebook page followers?'. And believe me, even in 2023, this question gives goosebumps to digital and social media marketers across the globe!

Ad to Grow FB page followers


To generate business, to attribute to sales, to build the brand through Facebook, a page is a vital resort that no one can deny! But just having a page won't do the trick, it needs a good standing to build trust, and command loyalty.


So, after pointing out all the organic and inorganic ways to grow your Facebook page in my Linkedin Post, here I am writing about the best inorganic way - Page Like Ads and precisely the "Hit Like Ads".


A Hit Like Ad Campaign which can boost the growth of Facebook page followers starts simply like any other Page Like Ad. You can create one simply from the page's Ad section. (Don't stay there forever, optimize targeting at the Ad Set level from your Ads Manager panel.)


Ever heard of Neuromarketing? Marketing psychology?

Well, marketing psychology deals mainly with the cognitive biases human beings have and their influence on buying behaviors.

To interpret, there are psychological ways to influence the buying decisions of the target audience. In a similar way, to achieve page growth, cognitive biases can be triggered using what the target audience wants and loves to see most.

At this point, I must warn you that a Hit Like Ad Campaign might go well beyond your niche by the Ad subject selection. e.g. - I used a few stock images of supercars to grow the page of a Content-Writing Agency, where I used the Ad Copy "Hit the Like Button if You Like this Car". There was obviously no connection between the supercars and the agency, and yet the target audience interacted with those Ads hugely. The idea is to select anything that can trigger the stimulus that activates the mood to interact.

Here's another example from a real estate client using the same method, but from an aligned perspective.

Best Real Estate Ads to Grow Page

Another one.

Hit Like Ad - Supercars

Conclusion: Growing a Facebook page is an important aspect of digital marketing, yet sustainability must surpass any such growth. While devising Page Like Ads, plan long-term.

If you need any help or suggestion, please do comment. Thanks!

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