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How To Prepare a Contemporary Paid Social Report?

Preparing a contemporary paid social report is not a seasonal job, rather it takes years if not decades to near-perfect what the client actually wants to see!

This post talks no BS, and goes straight into the points with a live example by the end of the post...

  1. Use a Planning Model like SOSTAC or SMART,

  2. Use an executive summary to brief the purpose and results,

  3. Set up the objectives & KPIs,

  4. Track and analyze all the data you have on your campaigns,

  5. Place and elaborate the findings in a way that is easy to understand,

  6. Use graphs & blocks wherever you feel required,

  7. Include the next steps you intend to take.

Don't forget to keep the report open for feedback and development. Continuous development based on monitoring & feedback is the key to a great paid social report.

Keep growing, keep reporting!!

For any query or concern, write to us at Thank You!

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